6 Keto Friendly Candy Ideas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A MAJOR issue for me in the beginning was giving up chocolate. Now I don’t have cravings like I did in the past where I felt like I had to have it all the time. I may want something sweet, but if I don’t have it, it’s not the end of the world.

What have I become?

1. Lilly’s Chocolate

Mike doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, me on the other hand… I needed to find chocolate in the worst way. Thanks to Instagram and someone in a similar position, I discovered Lilly’s chocolate.

Friends, keto or not, this shit is good!

The other bonus: you don’t have to order online!  You can find a store that carries it by checking online I have found it at Whole foods and Fresh Thyme Market.

The night we discovered this, I convinced Mike to make a Whole foods run with me and I may have unwrapped it in the car. Don’t judge me.

Lilly’s also makes chocolate chips. CAN I GET AN AMEN???

They’re a bit pricey, but we are not eating our feelings (pizza) as much so it all works out.

My first experiment with these magical chips was peanut butter chocolates. I melted chocolate, Nutiva Butter-flavored coconut oil (Tastes like buttah!) and natural peanut butter, mixed it all together, and put in candy molds.

They also make great fatbombs!

This really helped me when I needed something sweet, and the coconut oil did wonders for my macros.The chocolate chips are dark chocolate, so if you only like milk chocolate like Mike (mew), you’re outta luck.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

The second thing I made was chocolate chip cookies.

FREAKING COOKIES… on keto. Yep, totally not a sustainable lifestyle, there’s cookies.

I follow @ketosony on Instagram and she has an fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe. She posts a ton of recipes on her blog too.

Her chocolate chip cookie recipe is solid, the best I’ve found. My only alterations are I used xanthum gum in place of beef gelatin and I make smaller cookies only to feel like i’m eating more of them.

3. Sugar Free Reese’s

We tried some sugar free (vomit worthy) chocolate found online, it wasn’t even worth the wrapper it was in.  Thankfully, our local Target and Walgreens carry sugar free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I used them to make peanut butter cookies for Christmas and they’re very close to the real thing!

christmas cookies

4. Choc Zero

I have tried Choc Zero and i’m really happy with the variety. You can get milk chocolate or dark chocolate squares. They have Keto bark, varieties include chocolate with different kinds of nuts.

Currently, my fave is Dark Chocolate Almon, .and Dark Chocolate Peanut, and Hazelnut… ok, and Peppermint Bark (limited edition and I may have ordered 3 bags).

Fine, I like them all (except coconut, and only because I haven’t tried it, not a fan.)

While I like the dark chocolate, Mike prefers the milk chocolate varieties.

Lilly’s has a deeper chocolate flavor but I love that ChocZero are individually wrapped. It helps me with portion control.

Choc Zero is available on Amazon, or on their website (use that link to save 10%). We have also tried and liked the Maple Syrup and Caramel Syrup, which makes a great Caramel Macchiato.

If chocolate isn’t your thing (again, we can’t be friends), you’re in luck.

We like all kinds of sweet things!

5. Lollipops

I miss lollipops.

Yes, i’m aware that i’m a grown-ass woman but I like what I like. Now thank me for finding them and move along.

We found Zollipops. There are a few flavors, but they’re not like the huge ones you find at the gas station. You know the ones that will last an entire road trip, but they fit the need. I found them at Jewel (cheaper than online) and you can find them on Amazon.

6. SmartSweets

Mike likes gummies more than chocolate (strike two). We had a package of Smart Sweets in a KetoKrate, a monthly subscriptions that has low carb goodies. To me, they were OK, but a bit rubbery. Mike really enjoyed them.  

I tried the Sour Blast variety I found at Whole Foods (cheaper than online) and liked those better. They taste like Sour Patches, but that’s a personal preference.

I also ordered the Swedish Fish flavor on Amazon and it was good. I would caution you on a few things:

  • Some people commented in the  Smart Sweets reviews about some digestive issues pronounced disaster pants if  you indulge in a full size bag of these goodies. We only had the snack size and had no issues. Some people are sensitive to sugar alcohol, we haven’t had issues but there are disclaimers on the back of the Hershey sugar free chocolate caramel and Reese’s bags.
  • Some people commented that this Smart Sweets impacted their blood sugar levels. Again, neither of us were kicked out of ketosis (that we know of) and we don’t have a meter to check… Yet. (Mike is thinking about a Keto Mojo meter. If you have one, do you like it?)

Warning: Ladies ONLY, Guys, you’ve been warned…

How the ef are you supposed to survive Aunt Flo/Shark week without chocolate and candy? Pre Keto (i’m not proud of this) I would nuke chocolate chips and peanut butter until warm and melty and dip graham crackers in it…and perhaps lick the bowl

Lilly’s saved… my family. It saved my family.

Imagine warmed almond butter (PB is OK too) with chocolate and a chunk of Lilly’s dipped in it.

I suppose I could have used a chocolate chip cookie. There’s always next month!

Welcome back guys, it’s safe !

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to but a bunch of expensive stuff online. We tried many things and I will continue to share what we have liked.

These are things we have found to solve a problem for us. Is everything super clean? No, but eating the way were were before was worse. This is what works for US and i’m hoping some of what we have learned will make it easier for you and save you from some gross stuff!

You made a choice for a healthier you. Enjoy food as fuel and not to fill an emotional need. You are worth it.

Now Let’s Keto!