Coffee mug and heart made of coffee beans

Coffee Talk

#coffeebeforetalkie, but for realz!

When Mike suggested the whole, let’s keto thing, I agreed on 2 conditions:

  1. I would try it for 2 weeks  
  2. If I couldn’t have good coffee then that was a dealbreaker and I would go back to a life of baguettes.

I am a coffee aficionado. I love coffee. Hot or cold I love it all. I even have a subscription to BeanBox, a monthly coffee subscription. If you love fresh whole bean coffee try it, it’s amazing.

I’ve managed to get Mike hooked on the java. The man didn’t even own a coffeepot before we were married (massive character flaw, but I looked past it because he’s so handsome). Now we have our Ninja, Keurig, espresso maker, back-up Grind & Brew, even a cold brew too.

Don’t judge. Coffee is my thing and the world is a safer place when i’m caffeinated.

The Challenge: My favorite flavor coffee creamer had 6 g of carbs per tablespoon. I had at least 1.5 tablespoons per cup and about 3 cups per day.

That means just coffee would take up my entire day of allotted carbs. While I would have no problem living on coffee alone, that wasn’t the plan.

Day 1

I tried an Almond Milk creamer in place of my beloved Coffee-mate..

NOPE. Hard no. BARF.

If that’s your thing, great, but not for me. Mike suggested I try heavy cream and some Splenda. Again, I was so used to looking at calories and fat that I didn’t even think of that. It was better but I missed the flavors of Coffee-mate.

I had tried Torani syrups in the past, so we gave the sugar free version a shot and BOOM, I could continue another week of Keto!

We have acquired quite the collection of syrups in our coffee nook. Currently we have a ton of sugar free syrups:

  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • S’mores
  • Eggnog
  • Kahlua
  • Cinnamon Dolce
  • Pumpkin spice

It’s all about variety. There are many different brands, we like Torani and Davinci.

Mike likes a flavored coffee in the afternoon or evening (I’ve never been so proud), but he starts off his day with a Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee is coffee with butter (use Kerrygold, trust me) and Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT Oil and keeps you satiated.

Mike doesn’t eat breakfast and this works for him. Word to the wise, if you are new to MCT oil, start slowly (google disaster pants and try not to laugh). If you use MCT in your coffee or tea, you will want to use a frother, unless of course you like the feel of drinking baby oil.

If you have  Ninja Coffee Bar, you can use the built-in frother, but this is the frother we use. I love to play with a ton of flavors and have several coffee experiments on my instagram highlights. If coffee isn’t your thing (I don’t know if we can be friends), you can make Bulletproof tea as well.

The main point is, you want to avoid sugar and use something with Erythritol or Stevia. If you normally use milk, try substituting heavy whipping cream, half and half or unsweetened nut milk.

You got this, coffee in hand. Lets Keto.