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Let’s Keto

“I think I want to try this whole ketogenic diet thing”  

Mike had been preaching the low carb life for a very long time, but I was having none of it. A girl needs bread and pasta amiright?  

He would do his low carb thing, with mixed results, and I would get frustrated because A) he was losing weight and B) meals became a nightmare. Imagine trying to meal plan when one person wants meat and low carb foods, the other wants low fat/low calorie, then toss a teenager into the mix.

I began to research and weigh all (and I mean ALL) the pros and cons like Chidi (The Good Place, watch it- trust me). After months (years) of failed weight loss, a bunch of googling and stalking on instagram, I caved.  

As a nurse, this “diet “ went against everything I had learned. I say diet because when we started that’s what it was. I agreed to a two week trial. What we learned in those 2 weeks has changed our lives, most importantly our relationship with food. That’s how we began our Ketogenic lifestyle

OK, Let’s Keto!

That’s the choice we made on May 21, 2018 and we haven’t looked back. We are Kari and Mike, your average *cough* middle aged suburban couple with a teenager and 2 adopted dogs, who realized that although we were happy in our marriage, we had become complacent with our health.

In our marriage, when we have a problem we work though it as a team. We decided to take the same approach with food and so our Keto journey began.  Not going to lie, I was really worried about gaining weight during the agreed trial period.

I felt my first week I was obsessed with what I could or couldn’t eat, worried about my cholesterol,  blood pressure and worried about doing it right and Mike, Mike just ate (sorry Honey).

What we realized is that Keto appealed to my obsessive analytical mind. I love being able to solve the problem of how to recreate things we loved in our carb-fueled life to fit in with our new life, and that’s exactly what it has turned out to be.

We have had challenges along the way (keto flu is a bitch, and google disaster pants), but we have worked on it together.

The secret with the Keto lifestyle is not feeling deprived. Trust me, you can make anything fit into your macros if you get creative enough. Mike loves to reinvent cocktails, where I focus on baked goods because… cookies.

This is not a space for the keto police. We are doing what works for us and seeing the benefits. Not only have we lost weight, but both of us feel so much better. We have learned so much in our journey, thanks to hours of looking at labels in Jewel and Costco (and no Mike, it doesn’t count as date night).

Join us to learn about the challenges, progress, tools, recipes, cocktails and everything else we’ve learned along the way.

We want to share our journey to inspire you like others have inspired us.  

Are you ready? Let’s Keto Bitches!

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