The Hunt for the Rebel Base (and Its Ice Cream)

I love ice cream, like a lot. It along with bread is why I put on so much weight. I never measured ice cream, I would just have a bowl…

I have tried making my own since living the Ketolife, it was OK. This is just my opinion on these brands. We all have different tastes but I hate for people to waste money (and hopes and dreams) on something that tastes like crap.

I have tried Halo Top. If you like it, great, but it’s not for me.

I have found Enlightened ice cream and I think it’s very good. I really like the chocolate peanut butter bars. They are SO GOOD! My only issue is my inner fat girl wants more than a half cup but my macros can handle it.

Rebel Creamery Ice Cream

Then @fatchancejess told me about Rebel Creamery. I instantly was using the store locator to find it. Under 8 carbs… per PINT???

One problem I faced was that it wasn’t available in Illinois. While you are able to order online, I don’t want a case of something that may taste like dirt.

Have no fear, we were going to Florida and apparently Publix carried it.


I was so excited to go grocery shopping Pick out ice cream. Publix #1 failed me, but I had faith. After driving almost 30 min to another Publix only to find NOTHING I almost gave up.

Then on out return trip home, at our local Jewel  we spotted each other from across the aisle.

Rebel Ice Cream

The world stopped and a love song played (let me have my moment). I stood with the freezer door open clutching my prize to my chest. I may have done a happy dance in the store. Don’t judge me.

If I would have known they would have it, I would have put a spoon in my purse and tried it in the car. OK…FINE, I would have sat down in the frozen section of Jewel and eaten ice cream like a savage.

It says right on the carton to wait 15 min to allow to soften. I had no time for that so my first impression was a bit skewed a far as texture. I have tried Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Butter Pecan.

I am DYING to try cookie dough. That was my jam back in my carb days. If you have tried it, comment and let me know what you thought (and where the ef you found it).

Do I sit and eat the whole pint? No. Maybe I thought about it. I can easily have a cup with no guilt. And for realz, what kind of lunatic eats half a cup of ice cream?

Enlightened Ice Cream Bars

When I want an ice cream bar my go to is Enlightened Chocolate Peanut Butter. I like the other flavors of Enlightened as well but I just wish I could have more and still have it fit in my macros. I really liked all 3 of the flavors I have tried so far

If you have tried the Rebel Creamery cookie dough, tell me…. Is it amazing? Like sit with a spoon in the corner so no one can see you and you won’t have to share? Leave me a comment.

Remember, this lifestyle has to be sustainable. Could I live a life without ice cream? The answer is no.

So grab a spoon and some ice cream and let’s Keto!