I am so pleased to begin what I am sure will become a life-changing journey with you!

This experience will focus on helping you to create and follow a personalized blueprint for reaching a meaningful goal in your life. Along the way, we’ll be using strategies and tools that measure your progress. You’re encouraged to voice feedback throughout the process. As your coach, my priorities are the following:

  • Use my advanced knowledge of coaching systems to help you achieve your desired personal-growth outcomes.
  • Create a safe, confidential and supportive environment where you can express your thoughts and use support to the fullest.
  • Listen to all questions and concerns that you have throughout the process.
  • When necessary, provide you with tools, resources, and strategies that can help you reach your goals.
  • Provide input and feedback.

To help you optimize the coaching experience, I recommend you practice the following throughout this coaching journey:

  • Give this experience your full attention and effort. Halfway effort can’t get you to your full goal!
  • Be honest with both yourself and me during this process regarding what you feel is or isn’t working.
  • Keep the focus on personal reasonability.
  • Take ownership of both victories and setbacks along the way.
  • Be open to feedback.

I also ask that you show up on time for appointments, prepare by doing all “homework” between sessions assignments that you will be accountable for at the next meeting. Please leave all distractions behind during coaching sessions. I will do the same as part of my role in this partnership. I’ll also be relying on you to bring up any concerns or conflicts as we progress. I’m confident that your decision to make a personal investment in your success will pay off!

Shortly, I’ll be sending along some items for a welcome packet that will help us to get started. This will include:

  • Coaching contract.
  • Intake forms.
  • Your goals sheet.
  • A coaching log that we will be using throughout the sessions.

I will be including directions for how and when to submit various items from your packet to me. Some of these documents will be used by you throughout our time together to stay on track with goals.