Keto Krate

Top Ten Keto Krate Keepers

Lately I have seen more and more “articles” about Keto not being sustainable. That my friends is bullshit.

This is a lifestyle choice.

You have to be self aware of what you put in your mouth. If you want a cheat meal, fine. You do you, but it can’t happen everyday for this to work.

One of the obstacles we found when we first started Keto almost a year ago was missing snacks. While we don’t snack nearly as much as we used to, we are human and sometimes you just want to graze or munch on something.

Pre-keto, we would munch on chips and salsa, popcorn, protein/granola bars or handfuls of whatever. The Ketogenic lifestyle requires some work because it’s a much cleaner way of eating (pronounced meal prep).

Personally, I felt initially that keto lacked the convenience of my carby ways. Not a bad thing, because it makes you think before you eat!  

I had seen a lot of people talking about different products, but a lot of them have to be ordered online and i’m not about ordering a metric shit ton of food that may taste like dirt.  

I’m a frugal girl, so that was NOT an option

Given my obsessive analytical mind I knew we had to find a way to try different snacks. I had seen several subscription boxes and we decided to give Keto Krate a try.

You receive 8+ low-carb snacks to try each month that are under 5 net carbs. It has given us the opportunity to try a variety of items without having to do a big order first.

The bonus of KetoKrate is that each month most items come with a discount code, so that if you really like them you can save some money.

I am not saying to buy shit. You can be KETOAF without any of these things, i’m just sharing things I really like and wish I would have known about earlier in my journey.  

We haven’t liked everything we have gotten in the box, but I still think it’s worth it. I’ve only had a few vomit worthy items, but again, my personal taste.

So here you go, my top 10 keepers (in no particular order) from boxes we have gotten so far.

1. Ultima

This has been a game changer for me. I love them. I have tried other electrolyte supplements and have spit out several- true story. If only I had these when I started, I think my battle with Keto flu would have been better.

I have tried all the flavors and I’m a big fan. You can also mix with booze if you are missing sweet cocktails, just saying.

2. ChocZero

My first KetoKrate love. I missed chocolate so much and the macros (not to mention the taste) is what Keto dreams are made of. I order this ALL.THE.TIME.

We have the ChocZero squares in both milk and Dark chocolate, several bags of Keto bark (Don’t judge me), and caramel, maple and chocolate syrups. So to say we like the product is putting it mildly. I also love the  company.

We started in late 2016 with two goals: to make a sugar free chocolate that was truly delicious and to create a company that cared about its customers. Now, over two years later, we’ve grown a passionate community of chocoholics and have even expanded our product line to contain a variety of sugar free syrups that contain no preservatives.

We’re a gluten free, soy free, and sugar alcohol free company. We use our exclusive monk fruit formula to make a line of products with absolutely no added sugar for the every day sugar free individual’s life.

Save 10% when you use the code COFFEEANDKETOSIS

3. Stoka

If you follow me on the gram, you know how deep my love for Stoka runs.Like, I want to make a “I ❤️️ STOKA” shirt and wear it all the time in a non- creepy way.

The crunch factor is a 10. The flavor is a 10. You guys, these are what granola dreams are made of. This is a small company and I love them! Read about how Stoka came to be, trust me.

4. Shrewd foods

These are like yummy cheese puffs, but with more crunch. You know the ones, the giant tub you shame eat.

5. Ketologie 

Ketologie Shakes are a game changer. It can be a meal replacement or sometimes I use half a serving and just have a shake if I have a sweets craving. I have tried chocolate and strawberry. I love adding almond butter (I know, shocker) to my chocolate shake. We currently have 2 tubs in our house.

6. Raw Rev

These are Mike’s faves, but be careful, not all flavors are created equally (watch the labels for carbs). The Peanut Butter ones are lower in carbs and he really enjoys these. I like the taste, but I prefer crunch to chew most days, however, maybe if I warmed it up….

7. Mission meats

Another Mike fave, and I like them too. You can’t go wrong with grass-fed beef sticks and the company is pretty bad-ass too.

Our mission is to provide good food and help foster positive relationships to ourselves, each other, and nature. That’s why we source only the finest grass-fed beef for our meat sticks, and it’s also why we give 10% of our profits to social good organizations.

8. Porking Good

I never thought I would be a pork rind girl, but these are so good. The white cheddar… my new popcorn substitute. I travel with these and, well yes we buy them in bulk. Take your judgy self and move along.

9. Nush

These are great for travel and on the go …and with coffee.

This is a great example of Keto made easy. While I could make a baked good, sometimes having something to grab and go is essential. We just ordered blueberry and a variety pack

10. Legendary Foods

Nut butters AND flavored almonds? Can I get an AMEN??

I can’t even with this company. Bacon and cheddar flavored almonds, chocolate peanut butter banana spread.

And friends, the Pizza flavored almonds taste like Pizza flavored Combos. I’m dead.

You can save 10% when you order with the code COFFEEANDKETOSIS

For savages like me, they make individual pouches of the nut butters because you all know if left alone, I’m sitting down with a jar and a spoon.

We all have different tastes, and if something tastes like shit, I’m going to tell you (I’m talking about you cardboard flavored bread).

If you are thinking about getting a Krate, look at past boxes . They have different subscription options and for us, it’s been a great way to see what products we like, and which we don’t. All of the products that made the list we order on the regular.

If you want to give KetoKrate a try for yourself, you can save 25% off your first Krate!

Hopefully this makes your journey a bit easier. If you have questions about any of the products, leave a comment or DM me on the gram.

In the meantime, grab some snacks and lets keto bitches!