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Treat Yo Self! Setting up a Reward System That Works

How do you reward yourself, or treat yourself?

Have you ever grabbed a pint of ice cream and a spoon, bag of chips, ect and plopped down on the couch for a night of binge watching the Hallmark channel?  How do we change behaviors to enjoy food but not use it to feel a positive or negative emotion?

When I first started Keto, I knew I had to change the way I approached food, because lord knows what I was doing before wasn’t working. I would have a “cheat” if I lost X amount. I wanted to change my relationship food and knew I had to use a different system. If I want to eat something, I eat it because I want it but try to not attach a feeling to it.

I’m not perfect and have days where I REALLY want to eat my feelings but I make sure I have things that fit into my macros to avoid self sabotage. Like the night I was DYING for ice cream and ate some Enlighted right out of the carton like a SAVAGE.

If you’re feeling exceptionally judgy Susan, you know the drill. Move along.

Mike and I talked about having a reward system to help motivate us. I like giving gifts but I don’t like treating myself (I mean I like it, I would rather spend on someone else than myself). I am strongly motivated by girly things… clothes, shoes, lip gloss, mani/pedi, etc. Notice a theme?

A reward doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be anything that brings you joy because you EARNED it. It’s your reward so think about it and write it down for different milestones.

I like getting a mani/pedi, I mean who doesn’t. Mike fondly calls me Polly Prissy Pants. For the record I’m not, I just like what I like.

I decided that when I lost 15 pounds I would get a mani/pedi. It really helped me when perhaps I would have gone off track. I held myself accountable and my desire for pretty nails was stronger than my desire for pizza.

When I lost 25 pounds, I was down an entire clothing size, I picked out some new workout clothes.

30 pound was my beloved rose gold Starbucks tumbler..I mean, a girl has to drink water. Ok, Mike actually bought it for me, but it counts

Should I be motivated enough by weight loss and improved health? Sure, but since i’m a Polly Prissy  Pants, i’ll continue my current path.

My big reward came at 40 pounds. FOURTY FREAKING POUNDS!

My 40 lb reward was eyelash extensions. Gather around friends, I have a deep, dark secret…

Hi, My name is Kari and I am eyelash challenged.

I have a drawer with multiple mascaras that I would use trying to get the long lash look. I REALLY wanted them and I think it helped push me on days I wanted to skip the gym.

How I felt after I got them was AMAZING. Seriously, this was the best reward and gave me such a lift that I hope to continue getting them.

I mean, that before and after tho…

I have completely stalled this past month. ZERO movement on the scale, but that’s ok. I am focusing on measurements and NSV.

WTF is an NSV you ask? It stands for non scale victory. Those things that go well beyond what the scale can tell you. Like my rings fit so much better, or I fit in a size 8 jeans #humblebrag

Seriously, I had no Idea what size I was and thought I would try on clothes just for fun.

Before this journey I was squeezing into a 14 (but had shorts that were 16). I’ve lost about 9 inches on my waist and tried on a size 10. When they fit, I almost cried. (ok, I boo-hoo’d in the dressing room. Don’t judge me.)

They didn’t feel as tight as my 14 use to so on a return trip to TJMaxx (I can’t be left alone in this store), I tried on 4 pairs of size 8, and all of them fit, even the skinny jeans!

I think that was my ah-ha moment. The moment I realized how far I had come. That all the jeans fit and none of them had elastic waists!

Would I love to lose 5-10 more pounds, yes but for now I am going to celebrate my success!

Mike had a similar issue. He had to put on dress pants outside pants and they literally were falling off him. He lacked the ability to see how far he had come.

We all have a different journey. If you lose fast, good for you. If you’re losing slowly, remember you’re still losing. You have to do what works for you in order for it to be sustainable. I’m lucky enough to have my hubby (who’s looking FineAF) doing it with me and when you have a support system, it makes is easier. If you want to make the change and you don’t have a person, I got you.

Seriously, I post a lot on Instagram (mostly annoying food and coffee pics with a sprinkle of dog to keep it exciting) I truly believe we have to support each other. If you just need some shoring up, DM me on the gram!

So make your list of rewards. Make sure they’re attainable, even in 5 pound increments if that’s what you need and plan something nice for YOU. Enough of this warm and fuzzy shit. Lets keto!!