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Coffee Talk

Coffee mug and heart made of coffee beans

#coffeebeforetalkie, but for realz! When Mike suggested the whole, let’s keto thing, I agreed on 2 conditions: I would try it for 2 weeks   If I couldn’t have good coffee then that was a dealbreaker and I would go…

The First Week of Keto

person underwater reaching up to light

So you’re Keto, now what? Pre Keto, I would have been like, listen Becky eat the damn bagel. Now, I would show Becky how to make an almond flour bagel, cause that’s how I roll (see what I did there?…

Let’s Keto

the journey is on

“I think I want to try this whole ketogenic diet thing”   Mike had been preaching the low carb life for a very long time, but I was having none of it. A girl needs bread and pasta amiright?  …